This week was hectic with coaching changes across the state of Texas. As of today, there have been more than 100 coaching changes across the great state of Texas. So far, Brownfield, Wellman-Union and Alice have named their football coaches for the upcoming season. 

  • Terry County

Terry County earned a facelift in the football coaching world, with Brownfield and Wellman-Union naming their new coaches on April 18.

The Wildcats announced that Joseph Hood, who was a coach under now River Road athletic director and head football coach, Bryan Welps, will be taking over as the athletic director and football coach for the Wildcats.

For the Cubs, a board meeting was called on April 17 for the approval of a new athletic director. The board approved Jeff Smith, who was the offensive coordinator at Stinnett West Texas and the head baseball coach. He is currently leading the Comanches to a top five ranking on the diamond.

  • Alice

After sending the Eagles to two playoff appearances in his five year tenure, Grape Creek athletic director and head football coach Kyle Atwood will accept a coaching gig at Alice, where his career began back in 2007, according to sources.

In his first term with the Coyotes, Atwood was working under current San Angelo Central head coach Brent Davis, where they won the district title with a 12-1 mark.

The Muleshoe native held a 15-36 record with Grape Creek. Prior to starting in 2012, the Eagles never experienced playoff football in the history of the program, winning a total of four games since 1998.

Atwood has also led the team to new heights this past season, where they earned the most wins in program history with a 6-4 mark.

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